Bringing Science to Society


The Global Pharma Leader with an Eye on Societal impact

In episode 83 of Molecule to Market, David Enloe, President and CEO at Societal™ CDMO, sat down with host, Raman Sehgal, to discuss the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chain, covering:

  • Being at the birth of viral vectors and the-infant gene therapy field in the 90s… but choosing not to be there today.
  • After a career spent all over the world – he shares his pearls of wisdom of what he’s learnt from a lifetime of international business.
  • Navigating business confusion and redefining companies from the inside out, while focusing on people and patients.
  • Being a humble, humane, empathetic leader that does not take himself too seriously… and makes decisions quickly.
  • Uncertainty around the capital markets and what this means to the CDMO space in terms of potential headwinds
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