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Webinar: How To Select the Right Polymers for Your Modified Release Tablet or Capsule

Developing a modified release formulation is a common request. Often, modified release (MR) formulations offer patient compliance, marketing, and exclusivity/patent benefits over immediate-release versions. What isn’t as obvious is that MR dosage forms present their own unique set of complications around excipient selection.

There are specific strategic decisions to be made concerning the desired in vivo behavior and final dosage form that critically impact formulation strategy and polymer selection. For example, do you want a tablet or capsule? Sustained release or pulsatile? Is an initial burst release of the drug desirable or not? Is there a specific zone in the GI tract where the drug should or should not release?

These decisions all have a significant impact on polymer (and other excipients) selection. In this webinar, panelists will discuss the most common polymers used in modified release oral solid dosage form development. The speakers will distinguish between tablets and capsules, and matrix and reservoir control strategies. The speakers will discuss the different grades of some common polymers and how those differences impact performance. Finally, the speakers will touch on some other excipients that are commonly used in conjunction with controlled-release polymers to modify the performance or processing.

 What You Will Learn

From this webinar, participants will learn about and be able to:

  • Recognize the most common polymers used in formulating modified release oral solid dosage forms
  • Determine best practices for polymer selection for matrix vs. reservoir systems and achieving different types of modified release goals
  • Understand the characteristics of different polymer grades and how they affect the finished product dissolution performance
  • Identify some of the other excipients that are useful in modified release dosage forms to either modify the dissolution release profile or improve processing

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