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Proprietary Liposomal Formulation Platform Technology Partnership Opportunity

To meet the demand for developing chemotherapies with decreased toxicity and higher safety margins, IRISYS LLC, leveraging its formulation development expertise and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sciences, has developed a proprietary liposomal formulation technology platform. The release characteristics of these liposomal formulations provide for release of higher concentrations of antitumor agents at the tumor site and lower exposure of these agents to off-target tissue sites. Such a drug delivery system could permit higher, more efficacious doses of antitumor agents to be used without a concomitant increase in toxicity to the patients.

Our innovative liposomal formulation technology has been designed and optimized using a rational approach involving understanding the interrelationships between physicochemical properties of the anticancer agents, the lipid composition and lipid to drug ratio, and the physical state of the intra-liposomal salt aggregates. The platform should be applicable to all weak base chemotherapeutic agents. An International Patent Application (PCT) has been filed.

Our platform approach results in a stable liposomal chemotherapy formulation with an exceptional pH-dependent release profile combined with marked serum stability. The pH-dependent release minimizes release of the therapeutic agent from the liposomes while in the circulation and increases local release at the more acidic tumor environment and in the endosomal/lysosomal compartment upon internalization by cancer cells. We believe that this technology platform can enhance the therapeutic index for a wide range of other weak base chemotherapies and could help address many unmet oncology needs by providing higher tumor exposure to drugs with a lower toxicity profile.

We are currently seeking strategic partnerships for this formulation platform technology. We hope to collaborate with the partners to help fill an important gap in the oncology market.

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